Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sugar, spice & speed on the basepaths.

I didn't tell you... I joined a softball team. I'd Hit That. That's what we're called.

Apparently, we're pretty good. I haven't been to a game.

(I shelled out forty bucks before doing due diligence. All games are Thursday nights. I work Thursday nights. But I do get a tee shirt).

I didn't play softball in high school... or like, ever. (I did sneak into the Disch to take BP a couple of years ago). I'm not particularly coordinated when it comes to bats and balls and things of that nature. (But I can post you up in the paint like a mother).

That said, it's only fitting that I volunteered to be Team Mom.

What I lack in agility, I make up for in baked goods. I won't crank out web gems, but I will bring cookies. And juice boxes. Can't forget the juice boxes.

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