Sunday, May 6, 2012

Jam-packed with blueberries and blackberries and alliteration. Buttermilk Berry Bundt Cake.

Let it roll off the tongue... Susie sells seashells... buttermilk berry bundt... yellow baby buggy bumper.

Is your mouth awake yet?


Take a bite.

(I did. See that missing slice? Not for aesthetic appeal).

Breakfast, brunch, dessert... It's summertime on a fork.

(Clean your plate and yes, then you can dance through the sprinklers).

I took the liberty of adding a tablespoon of blueberry juice to jazz up the lemon glaze. I'm all about the colorrrrrr. (Minus the purple-stained fingers).

{Buttermilk Berry Bundt Cake Recipe adapted from Recipe Girl}

{Lemon Glaze Recipe via Martha}

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  1. mmmmm....that looks perfect to serve for Mother's Day.