Friday, May 11, 2012

I fling open my computer to whine about technology failure and construction outside my window and accidentally buying cereal with raisins in it (I hate raisins)... and as my fingers fly... purging petty frustrations... I remember Einstein's. (Bagel purveyor, not theoretical physicist). 

The line, stacked out the door. The customers (myself included), grumbling about the snail's pace.

I shuffle to the front and place my order.

The lady behind the counter can barely see over it. Her plastic name tag says "Rose."

"Looks busy in here." I force a smile and try to make friendly.

"Busy for them," she nods toward the crew behind her - frantically toasting, schmearing, steaming, pouring.

A gap-toothed grin crosses her face...

"But me? I'm on a beach in a reclining chair, relaxing in the sun... And life is good."

She scoots a container of soy milk towards me, with weathered hands.

"For you? No charge."

"That's quite a deal, Rose."

But I'm not talking about the cup of coffee.

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