Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's the first day of spring. And the first day of my twenty-fourth year.

Ushered it in with a bitch of a thunderstorm that triggered a power outage that tripped the fire alarm that raged for an hour. Became a sad, soggy fire drill. Wearing nothing but pajamas and a scowl. Birthday bar was set real high. So of course celebration came in the form of a riveting day at the office.

Epic fail? Hardly. I've got a fiesta sandwich going. Did a little last weekend. Party bus, the world's greatest disco band, drunk-eating cake minus utensils. (One for the books, if you ask Van the Man). Will do a little more this weekend. Received a birthday serenade from the entire, spring-breaking Beta chapter of Sig Ep. (Thank you little brother). And still completely sugar-buzzed from the Tiff's. (If you can say no to warm cookies, you're a bigger person than me).

I don't feel older. I don't feel wiser. But I do feel incredibly loved... grateful... and apparently, sentimental.

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  1. Marina MontenegroMarch 21, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    Happy Birthdaaaay (late)
    I'm from Brazil, I'm just 14 years old!!
    my bday was day 9!! hehe
    I "descovered" ANTM just some weeks ago, and here in Brazil is passing again cycle 7! you are soooo cute! I following you on Twitter! @nina_asanator