Saturday, February 11, 2012

I probably shouldn't take social cues straight from the manufactured lines of a fictional television series.

But this struck me hard.

"Maybe sometimes words are the best things we can give other people."

Before you pull the trigger on the
actions speak louder than words argument... let me agree... they do.

Because I'm not talking about words themselves - those are merely a grammatical jumble of letters and syllables and phonetics.

I'm talking about talking. The gift of communication.

A dear friend - my personal Yoda - once told me, less is best. (She was referring to the excessive amount of blush I'd piled on, this day in particular). But it's a mantra I've adopted and carried into nearly every nook of life. With one exception.


The transmission of information and expectations and ideas and feelings and fears. The magnet that pulls us together and holds us together. Precious and powerful and liberating.

I say this knowingly...

When given the chance, let 'er rip... let it spew... let your walls fall.

We are not made to hold it in.

You hear me, Alvy Singer?

(P dot S, how great is this fancy Etsy print treasure?)

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