Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Before I'd even hit the parking garage exit, I'd dialed the best listener in my phone.

"Know what's pathetic? Today, I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at my desk."

It was the moment I realized that life as of late was lacking legitimate balance.

A sordid mix of necessity and pride (not the good kind) had me coddling ungodly hours.

How I wanted to approach my week.... Yo, Monday-to-Friday. Prepare for domination. With one hand tied behind my back. Because I'm awesome. Sleep? Pshhh. Frivolity. (Insert slick moonwalk here).

How I actually approached my week..... 4 AM edit session? Every Thursday? You people don't pay me near enough. And, um, where's the coffee? And, can I take a nap under my desk?

(A healthy desire to remain employed kept the latter from becoming word vomit).

Point being, there's an art to equilibrium. A work-in-progress for me. And on November afternoons that are far too beautiful to be spent in front of a computer screen, I refuse to feel guilty for savoring a sunlit hour on the porch of my favorite lunch spot.

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