Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"What do you mean you haven't seen Star Wars? Not even one of them?"

I shook my head, affirming the negative.

Before Kyle, I rolled my eyes at science fiction.

(Add that to my eschewal of country music and I was tip-toeing into deal breaker territory).

But I liked him. And I wanted to impress him. And, feigning buckets of enthusiasm, I agreed to watch Episodes I - VI. From "a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" to finish. Including director commentary.

(If that's not love...)

It didn't stop there, friends. The Hobbits were next. Then the Godfathers and the Indiana Joneses and the Batmans.

Under his cinematic tutelage, I blossomed into... well... a card-carrying trilogy nerd. One who buys her boyfriend Darth Vader t-shirts. And who once begged him to see Tron in 3D. (I know).

The point of all that? Today is May the 4th. May the 4th Be With You. And for dessert, we're all getting Wookies.

Yep, Wookies... (warm cookies). Get the recipe here.

And about that Darth Vader t-shirt...

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  1. I am that girlfriend as well! Never seen a Batman/Superman/Spiderman or Star Wars...and my boyfriend LOVES Star Wars! Two years later, he still has yet to break me...but I feel the inevitable coming soon enough, haha! I'll have to make these for him and his buddies the next time they organize what they lovingly call "Nerd Night." x)