Monday, October 11, 2010

You know what seems like cruel and unusual punishment to me? Watching the sun rise as I drive into work on my day OFF for an "exclusive" three hour Avid training session. Exclusive, as in, you'll be the only person in the building (besides Tony, the security guard) because no one comes in this early. (*For those of you who didn't spend a giant chunk of your college days in a media lab pursuing a broadcast or RTF degree, Avid is the big boy editing system that turns raw video footage into the pretty montages you see on TV).

Working Girl Revelation 101: Days off are a precious and blessed thing, never to be taken for granted. Snatching them away with minimal notice (aka: an email alert on Saturday evening) just ain't right. And hello, it's Columbus Day! When it did become so passé to brush that off? (I kid, I kid).

But to give you an idea of what I see every day...

Graphics control room.

The 1/2 cube, complete with name tag. A real beaut, eh?

And a little eye candy to break up the corporate monotony...
(Ahhhh, fall, I'm in love).

- B.


  1. love reading your blog, Brooke. I know what it's like to move out to the great unknown by yourself in pursuit of a job... it can be lonely, but just remember we're all supporting you! I'd love to stop by and see you for a weekend or so when I'm driving down to Charleston to visit Eric!

  2. I could post a pic of my work space and you would feel like you worked in a corner office! :) Oh first jobs...gotta love them. I saw your mom and bro at pei wei sunday but I didn't think she would remember me so I didn't say hi. lol But i did think of you! :)