Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ok, so I had this really, really good story to tell. We're talking textbook awkward turtle moment. But because it involves a co-worker/work situation, I will refrain from recounting on advice of, ahem, counsel.

Me: "Hey Kyle, is it totally inappropriate to blog about blah blah blah...?"
Kyle: "Um, yes."

Smart kid, that one is.

Let's just leave it at this...

I suppose when you spend the day sitting in a 5' x 10' editing room (closet might be a more appropriate word) next to someone, that someone begins to feel like they can "open up" to you. For future reference, physical proximity does not warrant unnecessary personal disclosure.

And if you want the rest of the juicy G, email me.
And if you're wondering what juicy G is, ask my sophomore year roomies.

- B.

1 comment:

  1. I bet it's a woman. It is always women--yakking it up to "people" who (1) don't really give a flip about that person's odd little life, (2) should not be privy to such private things (thus, the word "private"), and (3) will only be tempted to blog about these unnecessary rants, thus forcing their wise boyfriends to hush them up. And I think the "Don't ask. Don't tell" rule would be rightfully applied in the world of Cubicles.

    Just more weird thoughts from the weird mind of me...