Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Friends and friends of friends,

I’m a word nerd. Card-carrying.

Sentences and paragraphs and pages... These are a few of my favorite things.

If they’re not yours - and in fact, give you overwhelming twitchy anxiety - OR if you’re short on time and have bigger, better things to do (Netflix binges totally count)... let me craft grammatical magic for you.

Résumé in need of polishing? College admission essay creeping up? I wave my magic word wand. You wave goodbye to standard. I turn yawn-inducing cover letters into unforgettable anecdotes. (Boom. YOU’RE HIRED.) Maybe you need a fine-tuned eye to give term papers the once over? Down for that too. Red pen not included. Blog content, ghostwriting, special projects? Checkity check.

Give your thoughts a voice. Be heard. Be accurate.

It’s as easy as giving me a shout. We’ll do a quick consult, assess the need and get to cranking out gold. (This is the part where you, now entirely relieved, are encouraged to kick your feet up and sip something tropical through a silly straw.)

Whatcha waiting for?
Or we can keep it right here with a direct message.

Pricing personalized per project. (Say that three times out loud real fast.)

- Consultant
- Editor
- Wordsmith
- Creative & Editorial

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