Sunday, July 1, 2012

Evening exercisers often do so because they want to be “tired out” by the time they hit the sack. However, the thermal effect of exercise is the same at any time of day; body temperature rises during and after physical activity. So the body will be "alert" when you're trying to sleep. Working out close to three hours before your bedtime can disrupt the body's circadian clock and may affect your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

THIS. This is how these cookies came to be. Thanks a ton, circadian clock.

And don't ask where I got that scientific nugget. (Cough. Yep. Answers that sound factual enough to regurgitate, but I wouldn't put money on the factual part. Like, beef-cake Wikipedia.

Also. Can I just say... hiccups on the treadmill are deceptively hazardous.

And mini chocolate chips are adorable.

And if you know a chocolate fiend, it'd be a disservice not to mail them a batch. 

{Chewy Triple Chocolate Cookie Recipe via Annie's Eats}

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