Monday, May 28, 2012

Brilliant ideas sometimes... aren't.

Like chucking your keys off the fourth floor balcony.

"Toss them...."

"I'll come down and and let you in..."

"No. Toss them. But toss them hard so they don't land in the neighbor's lawn."

Don't tell a competitive person to toss anything hard.

You get a screaming, four-seam fastball at the face... and a slightly cracked gate clicker that now works forty percent of the time, every time.

(In hindsight, a gentle basket toss would've sufficed).

But then backwards ideas sometimes are. (Brilliant, that is).

Like ice cream for dinner.

"South Congress around 5? New place called Lick?"


"YES. That one. Been there?"

"No, but I hang out at the bar next door." (If only we could answer all life's questions that way).

So.... Lick. Delicious double entendre.

Their mission? Thrill patrons with inventive flavors crafted with local ingredients. They've been doing it (and doing it well) since October, so says thick black frames with the scoop. (I renege the 'new' adjective tacked onto initial reference).

Small, simple, pure. (Batches of artisan ice cream and storefront alike). Blackberry Lemon & Basil. Caramel Salt Lick. Spicy Coconut & Peanut, with a cayenne dusting. Like a karate kick to the throat.

Me on the left. Two Scoops McGee. Homemade waffle cone, blow-ing-my-mind... 

Ice cream for dinner. Like white after Memorial Day, totally acceptable. And even when it's not, it is. 


  1. Had Lick for the first time a couple weeks ago too. Maybe my new fav.

    I two-scoop McGee'd it too, getting Beet with Mint and Honeyed Peaches with Rosemary

  2. @reecea - yep, on south lamar in austin. tiny enough you could drive right by and never know it. @chris - thiiiis close to getting the honeyed peaches... were they phenomenal?