Saturday, April 21, 2012

     - The insular quality of koozies does not make them a suitable replacement for oven mitts. (Burn to prove it).

- Minor indiscretions are regularly dismissed in the presence of baked goods. ("Fifteen minutes late for the mee.... Are those coconut cupcakes?")

- The art of penmanship isn't dead in these technologically-riddled times. Nope. It's alive and well and screwing over my checking account.

"In our defense, your two does looks like a seven."
"Are you insinuating my handwriting sucks?"

It got chippy with the bank rep real fast.

- Given the choice between plasticware and chopsticks at the Asian takeout place, it's okay to sacrifice pride - and cultural authenticity - in favor of a fork. (You can Edward Scissorhands those tiny grains of brown rice all night long... I'm hungry, dammit).

And perhaps greatest of all....

- My dad... the man who scribbles out 'emails' on printer paper with a fine-tipped Sharpie marker... knows what Pinterest is.

Disposable facts & unconventional wisdom.

Bullet points & brevity.

My week in summation.

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