Sunday, March 4, 2012

Technology failed in my favor...

I got CAKE SHOOTERS to prove it.

(Cake-in-push-pop-form is a thing, you guys. Cupcakes are old hat).

But to what did I owe this sweet delivery on a nondescript Friday afternoon?

It started like this...

(Fun fact: my mom is a sucker for both emojis and a good deal).

You trying to make me fat, Ma?

She assured me she was not. That these were supposed to be for my birthday.

But that's weeks from now...

There's a story, she said. (I love when there's a story).

She saw them on Good Morning America. Had to have them. Hopped online... picked out the flavors... typed March 20th in the order form. But.... (I love when there's a but)... the computer got all glitchy and left out the zero and the customer service lady said, your shipment's arriving eighteen days early whether you like it or not.

And I wonder, has anyone in the history of anyone ever been mad about opening a glorious box full of cake-on-a-stick?

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