Thursday, March 8, 2012

A couple of hours to kill before work this afternoon. (Got the Big 12 tourney to thank for that. Texas tips late). Wandered south to set up shop at Dolce Vita. Pro(s): free wi-fi, a porch, complimentary chocolate biscotti with every coffee. Con: the Banana Republic business slacks don't quite hack it here. (Allergic to business casual?) Sorry to offend you, hipster fro in your environmentally-conscious, woven-of-recycled-corn-husks shirt. I left my tortoise shell glasses sans lenses in the Prius. To set the scene further, the women next to me are debating natural child birth and the merits of breast milk in painstakingly meticulous detail. Mmmmm, this frothy latte... sure is tasty.

It is, without question, one of my favorite little spots.

And the first time you ask for a splash of steamed soy and one Splenda in a to-go cup, be prepared for the pretentious eyebrow raise that suggests, We are not Starbucks. Doctor your own beverage, plebian.

I call it, Hipster Salad. Strawberry, Almond, Goat Cheese. Yessir.

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