Sunday, September 4, 2011

Funny how a glossy white slip of paper, no bigger than my pinky finger, can wallop me over the head with perspective.

(Yep, today I found comfort tucked in an Asian wafer).

The irony? Minutes before cracking it open, I was dropping frustrations like hot potatoes... upon very patient ears. Cynical, indeed. And uncharacteristically so. Chalk it up to a cumulative nine hours of sleep across three days. (Week 5. It's been a grind. Rewarding. Exhausting. And if we're keeping it real, I'm elated it's in my rearview mirror).

I rarely throw a fortune away. (Fun fact). I'll find the buggers hiding in coat pockets or cup holders or bottoms of purses. The particularly sage ones earn a spot on the fridge. Guess where this one's going...

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