Monday, April 18, 2011

These are Cake Ball Truffles.

If I tell you the name I gave this recipe, you'd never eat it.

But if I don't tell you the name I gave this recipe, you'd be missing out.

So, against my better judgment, I give you Bunny Turds...

And not to be outdone, Bunny Tails...

High five for holiday-themed baking!

Sure, these treats are named after the excretions of a beloved Easter critter. But they don't taste like it. Pinky promise.

Just plop 'em next to the deviled eggs, watch 'em be gobbled up and pray your family has a sense of humor.

Now here's the fun part...

Crumble the cake into a large bowl. Using a large fork (or your hands, if you love to make messes like me) mash the frosting into the cake until combined. Roll the cake mixture into 1 TBSP balls. Arrange the cake balls on a lined baking sheet and refrigerate for at least an hour.

Dip the cake balls in powdered sugar or cocoa powder. Shake off the excess. Store in an airtight container.

(Does anybody else around here still get an Easter basket?)

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  1. I make a PB ball type thing and call them... obesity balls! Haha! :) Love the name you gave these!