Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This can only mean one thing...

'Nanners + cupcakes = 'nannercakes.

It's basic math, people. This coming from someone who chose their major because the only math class I had to pass had "elementary" in the name. Which reminds me of the kooky teacher - a cat-lady type, with cardigans and Coke bottle glasses. She had a crush on every athlete in that class. How do I know? The athletes had recurring cameos in every word problem I ever solved. (Kyle can attest. He guest-starred quite often). Couldn't tell you the difference between an algorithm and a binomial - but on-base percentages? Piece o' cake.

From here on out, I'll keep it simple...

'Nannercakes + a slathering of coconut cream cheese frosting + a sprinkling of toasted coconut = homerun.

(Cake recipe adapted from here, Framed Cooks).

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