Sunday, February 20, 2011

I had strep throat. It hurt. I ached. I shivered. I was stuck in bed for two days, bored out of my mind.

But now I'm feeling pretty normal. And my appetite is back. And it's screaming gimme chocolate chip cookies!!

So I listened. And then I upped the ante.

You traditionalists won't like it one bit. I guarantee that. What I've gone and done might be a tad polarizing... a smidge shocking. Some will scoff. Some will shake their heads in confusion. Some might receive a text from their little brother asking is that even legal? (It is, Lance. I checked).

Now that you know we're operating well within the bounds of the law... Take one bite (or maybe two) of these suckers and I dare you to tell me your whole world has not been shaken to its very core, flipped upside down and rightside up again.

The secret ingredient? Bacon. Slow-cooked in brown sugar. Chopped into savory bits. Mixed with semi-sweet chocolate chunks. Baked into a cookie.

HOW can that be bad? Really, how?

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