Friday, January 21, 2011

A few more from the past week...

Lunch with Kyle's cousin (Larry), his wife (Glenda)
& their too-cute-for-words two-year-old (Judah).

They became fast friends. Um, yeah. Melts my heart.

If you ever make it to Charlotte, eat at The Liberty.
(And be prepared to wait. It's a mighty popular little gastropub).

And if the warm housemade pretzels aren't enough to entice you...
Check out the fancy Wall 'O' Beer. (It took most of dinner for Kyle to convince me that the wall was not full of actual beer).

Also notable on the list of local eateries - Zink Kitchen. (Three words: goat cheese fritters. Oh, can't forget half-price bottles of wine on Mondays). And it took me months to test provincial legend... but it's true... Bojangle's does have a better chicken biscuit than Chick-Fil-A and/or Whataburger. (Blasphemy, I know). But top meal of the week - hands down - came straight from my own kitchen, compliments of the boyfriend chef. Dude knows his way around some chicken parm. (Feel like you've gained ten pounds yet?)

Postscript: Watching the Golden Globes with a guy is nothing if not entertaining.

Wait, he can walk in real life? (Artie from Glee). Who is that alien? Get her off my screen. (Tilda Swinton). Tell her to put those granny boobs away. (Helen Mirren). I can't wait to see, like, Matt Damon and Tom Hanks in movies when they're really old (during Robert De Niro's Cecil B. DeMille montage). If that lesbian movie wins, I'm gonna scream. (The Kids Are All Right). Think he got fired? (Ricky Gervais). YAAAAAY! I LOVE THAT SHOW! (Glee winning Best Comedy Series). Why do you think Harry Potter didn't get nominated? (Dead serious).

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