Friday, November 12, 2010

This blog update is long overdue, but with good reason.

I won't sugar-coat it... last week wasn't a great one. Shoot, it wasn't even a good one. (The low point came Sunday night while sobbing in the car waiting for my Pei Wei takeout -- like really, who can be that sad when orange chicken and spring rolls are minutes away?)

Slumped over my laptop, I began frantically writing (er, venting) several times. But if I had actually posted my delirious scrawlings fresh off a 13 hour work day, you'd have thought "homegirl is a mouse-click away from buying a one-way ticket home." (I had flight numbers and everything).

But, all bad weeks must eventually come to an end. And mine finally did. And guess what? I can joke about it now. And nobody (ahem, Dad) has to worry their little heads that I'll do something rash like quit my job.

If any good came of it, I did learn a thing or three...

1) Clearasil Instant Vanishing Treatment works like a charm. (For those who carry their stress internally, like me. Skin was rebelling like an angst-ridden teenager. Wasn't pretty).

2) Happiness might have to slap you across the face for you to get the message, but it's always there in some small way. Chew on that, Deepak.

3) Lastly and most importantly, there are times in life when driving to the 24-hour Wendy's for a vanilla frosty at 1 in the morning is totally justified.

- B.

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  1. Ohh and those sobbing breakdowns have become BFF's since the move. I feel your pain. I'm glad you've found solace in Pei Wei and a good frosty :)