Monday, November 29, 2010

Kyle graduates from The University of Texas this weekend. I can't be there to celebrate, but I can tell you I'm incredibly proud of him.

If you add it up, we've spent hours and hours (and pulled a handful of all-nighters) together, cramming for tests, reading until the pages got blurry and writing and re-writing papers. I still laugh about the night (shortly after we started dating) that I was plugging away at homework in the stacks... and guess who shows up with a coffee and pumpkin bread? Hard not to fall for the guy who treks across campus to keep you company in the library. If memory serves me right, I didn't get much done that night. (See below, circa 2007).

And of course, the baseball. He officially closed the book on his college career in the summer, but it's safe to say Disch Falk played third wheel during our time at UT. My Dad likes to remind me I spent more time at the field than in the classroom -- it's probably not too far from the truth. I've made roadtrips all over the state of Texas/Oklahoma/Nebraska/Florida/California & Alaska to watch him play... I wouldn't have done it for anybody else. The heart and commitment he showed across four seasons went unparalleled.

So, soak up college for one last week... and come Saturday -- Congratulations, Graduate. You did it!

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