Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weatherman Keith was not kidding around when he said, "Gooooood Morning, Charlotte. It's a monsooooon out theeeeeere." (Is rain on your first day of work an omen like rain on your wedding day?) Torrential downpour led to serious snooze button abuse. Had to rip the covers off my legs quick like a BandAid because up and at 'em was my only choice. There was hair to be washed and skirts to be steamed.

And you know who loves my closet as much as I do? SPIDERS. I almost lost my towel turban when I flipped on the light switch and saw an eight-legged menace dangling from the ceiling. I'm not even sorry for smushing him.

Wednesday really began to look up when I made it to the office... I was given my very own half of a cubicle. Be jealous. Actually, you should be jealous. I get paid to watch sports. And doing my job means watching hilarious unedited interviews, like the following with Coach Gary Patterson:

Coach: "Well, you know, TCU is kind of like the un-cola of Texas football..."
Me: "Did he just say TCU is kind of like the uncle of Texas football?"
Co-worker: "No, I think he said TCU is kind of like the uncool of Texas football."

Turns out, Ol' Gary was comparing the team to a 1970s 7UP ad -- 7UP, the UN-cola? Yeah, I didn't get it either -- but I got a good laugh at the Horned Frogs' expense.

As for the rain... it hasn't let up. As for me... I'm out of steam. And I fully intend to veg out and watch all the Top Chef and TLC wedding shows I want.

- B.

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