Monday, September 27, 2010

Running on a stick of string cheese and desperate for caffeine, I punch in my confirmation code and begrudgingly take my spot at the tail end of a security line at least 200 hundred people deep. I have exactly 28 minutes to make it to my gate. The Charlotte airport is just daring my impatience to rear its ugly head.

In front of me, a one-eyed shitzu (you can't make this stuff up) scowls at me from the clutches of its owners arms. Behind me, a screaming toddler furiously flails his legs against his stroller. And under my breath, I may or may not be shooting a handful of choice words their direction.You know it's bad when puppies and babies fluster me. They're practically two of my favorite things...

But after a fairly uneventful flight (not counting the overly eager Canadian who didn't stop asking questions until I pretended to fall asleep) and stellar "navigation skills" (thank you, blinking blue dot on the iPhone map), I've made it to Connecticut.

My accommodations? Bristol's finest (well, there's only two)... The Clarion. I might be sleeping on top of the comforter, but can't complain -- it's free. And I got a $1 drink coupon from the bar. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" and all that good stuff. Sad to say, I will miss out on the "Teddy Bear and Doll Convention" hosted by the hotel this coming weekend. Maybe next year?

- B.

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